Your users deserve a great onboarding experience. Let us help you.

Magny is an in-app search service for winning SaaS apps. With Magny, you can inform and educate users about your application, helping them complete tasks faster. 

Build a search and run experience on par with Github, Linear and Notion!

Help onboard power users with actionable search

Whether you have a userbase of 20 or 20,000 – they need a way to make instant search for actions, menus and tasks.

Magny makes it easy to search within the app so you spend less time with education.

Magny features

Deliver recommendations, latest content and updates

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Guide users discover help documentation

Magny integrates with your documentation giving you the opportunity to nudge users with proper training.

Great styling that matches your brand

Get full control over in-product UX and make guidance look 100% native with Magny’s built-in command palette designer.

Automatically collect product usability data

Magny shows an invaluable list of what your users are searching (keywords), and what they search but unable to find (deadends).

Join 400+ startups growing with Magny

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Magny command palette dashboard

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